*​*​*​*​ing Humans EP

by Rock Freebase

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hugginstuff "Wake Up This Morning" is easily one of the best tracks I've ever heard. It aligns with my inner arrow. Favorite track: Wake Up This Morning.
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released February 14, 2014

Words and music: Rock Freebase.


tags: rock London


all rights reserved


Rock Freebase London, UK

Guitarist with Alabama 3

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Track Name: Wake Up This Morning
Wake Up This Morning

Intro (spoken)
Make haste with deeds of great honour my friends,
For the cruel hand of ignominy doth most rapidly approach,
And there will be sheep, in the valley, tomorrow.

Cock your weapon 'cause the Devil's in heaven
Will special relativity drop?
You crack a smile at Jeremy Kyle
And get your bull in a China sweatshop.

Such a big pretty boy over the internet,
But your mouse ain't made you man of the hour
Did they replace your spine with a length of limp tinsel
And wire it up to a Monsanto cauliflower?

Are you gonna wake up, are you gonna wake up
You gonna wake up, wake up this morning?

Got your tarot cards, alchemy and homeopathy
A real pseudoscientific trailblazer
If you follow Deepak Chopra, Peake and Rupert Sheldrake
You better have a shave with Occam's razor.

Well you can eat his flesh you can drink his blood
But have some wine and some wafers too
And if you send all your savings to a TV evangelist
He'll save a place in heaven for you. Good God?

Chorus (as above)

Born to fail and The Daily Mail wants you out of the gene pool soon
While we're suffering the kings of Eton and Harrow raking in their outrageous fortunes

Well we can drink, smoke and shoot ourselves to death
And it's all good religious fun
But you'll drop your weapon in hell
'Cause Change won't come through the barrel of a gun.

Are you gonna wake up, are you gonna wake up
You gonna wake up, wake up this morning?
Are you gonna wake up, are you gonna wake up?
Don't put on your makeup, and wake up this morning.

There's gonna be sheep in the valley tomorrow